About us

About us

We organise sales and negotiation training programmes, provide (management) coaching and facilitate implementation. So what characterises our approach? Passionate consultants, extremely solid methods, an acute focus on results and huge job satisfaction.

Why Hovingh & Partners?

Worldclass methods

We only use the world's best selling and negotiating methods. Our carefully chosen selection comprises ENS Negotiation & Influencing®, the Ray Leone Sales Funnel®, 100% Customer Retention® and Strategizing Large Deals®.

Experienced consultants

Thanks to their years of experience at an exceptionally high level, our consultants have in-depth professional knowledge. As a result, they are able to analyse problems expertly, ask the difficult questions that need to be asked and drill down past the initial answer.

Result driven

Our focus is on measurable effectiveness: Long lasting behavioral change and application of methods in daily life make our programmes successful.

We are much more than trainers or coaches: we are sales and negotiation consultants. We help people and organizations achieve improved results in those areas. Teams and entire organizations are trained by us with great passion to work even more professionally and methodically. We assist management teams in implementing transformations of this type and coach them in the art and science of effectively coaching their own people and teams. This delivers success.

How many languages do the people in your sales organization speak?

A programme implemented by Hovingh & Partners teaches the entire sales organization to speak the same language: an inspirational basis for collaborating even more professionally. As a result, success and results become predictable, coachable and repeatable

Predictable return

Luck sometimes plays a role in sales and negotiating, but what happens when it runs out? That is when you need strategy and a methodical approach: act appropriately, for the right reasons and at the right time. We teach you how.

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