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The Atradius Group is a specialist in the field of credit insurance, surety bonds and debt collection. Atradius has a workforce of nearly 3,300 employees, who work from 160 offices in 50 countries. Atradius offers its customers access to information about 200 million companies worldwide.

Raymond van der LoosGlobal Managing Director Atradius Collections

"I recommend Hovingh & Partners to businesses that are looking for a consistent sales approach based on strong methods"

Raymond van der Loos, Global Managing Director Atradius Collections, is responsible for the sales teams in 24 countries. He found that this geographical spread resulted in an inconsistent sales approach. In addition, the sales vision was strongly product-focused, with too little attention being given to customer needs. Because Raymond wanted to improve sales productivity significantly, the 45 sales employees were asked to travel to Amsterdam for joint training. The methodology used for the training programme makes both the individual employees and the organization as a whole more effective in the sales process. Consultant Valerie Tuytschaever provided coaching support for Atradius during the process of practically embedding the techniques. Raymond has already seen an improvement in the hit ratio. Time is used more effectively and the sales teams have succeeded in attracting more new customers. The relationships with existing customers are being expanded, thereby generating more business in this area as well.

"Valerie knows our business inside out thanks to her extensive professional experience in the field. And because she has management experience herself, she is eminently capable of coaching our managers in leading and inspiring their teams. As a result, the sales methods will be applied permanently in our organization."



The introduction of a consistent sales approach which contributes to achieving the key performance indicators of Atradius in the short and long term. Targets: 18,000 active customers in 2016 and 7% growth during the next 3 years.


Sales Funnel account management and new business for all sales employees worldwide and their managers/support services. Management coaching for all managerial staff. Everybody who has contact with customers participates in the programme.


The organization now speaks a common language. Customers have a much stronger feeling of being heard, and above all hit ratio's from prospect to customer have doubled..