Back to cases is an online store that has been part of Ahold Delhaize since 2012; started in 1999 as the first online bookshop in Europe. With 2,600 employees, supplies 13 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. This puts it in the top 10 marketplaces in Europe.

Eduard HoogenboomDirector Network Development

"The conversion of leads to partner is much higher than before" is in the transition from webshop. to ecommerce marketplace. Traditionally, the focus of the online store has been on the consumer, but that customer is not only served by selling's own assortment, but also through more than 42,000 sales partners who provide an even more relevant range on the platform.

The acquisition and management of these partners is a new activity within There is a need for a uniform sales method that helps the sales team to become really good at B2B sales. Mark Moman (Manager Commercial Development) leads the Sales Mastery Program. Together with the commercial management team, he is working on sustainably anchoring of the new sales process.

In the first months after the start of the collaboration with Hovingh & Partners, saw an increase in the loyalty scores of sales partners and an improvement in the conversion from lead to partner. The approach is experienced as much more personal and professional than before, with partners having a much greater sense of collaboration with



Expansion of the network with loyal sales partners who want to work together with


SalesFunnel methododology for account development and new business development, supplemented with management coaching for the commercial leadership team.


Increase of lead to partner conversion and improve loyalty of existing partners.