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Compass Group is an international market leader in the area of food and support services for businesses, schools, hospitals, hotels, bars and restaurants. The company has a workforce of 500,000 employees who are active in 50 countries.

Jeroen KurversInternational Sales Director

"Following a period of growth mainly through acquisition, Compass Group has been focusing on organic growth since 2007, seeking a healthy, controlled and profitable 4-5% growth year on year.

Key to this growth strategy has been the implementation of one common global sales process called Sales Funnel, supported by a global CRM platform.

Next to the economies of scale, using the model also has the benefit that all countries talk the same language and can learn from each other. Additionally it helps to more effectively pursue international sales opportunities.

The Sales Funnel process has been key to identify and focus on the right opportunities, based on clear process and criteria. For example, the process ensures we are asking the right questions to understand there is a potential match and also seeks to quickly stop pursuits that will not provide a result. This in turn has helped us to run the sales force more efficiently and effectively with a steady increase in conversion from ~30% to ~50% currently."

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The introduction of a uniform, global sales and account management methodology. The approach needs to support achievement of the key performance indicators in the short and long term. Employees in 50 countries are involved.


Sales Funnel and Winning Account Management Strategies for all sales and account management teams worldwide and their managers/support services. Coaching and support when strategizing large international deals.


The programme started in 2007 and is still the global standard. Everyone works according to the methods, there is a common language within the organization and successes are actively shared. The KPIs are achieved each year..