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FrieslandCampina produces and sells dairy products globally. FrieslandCampina achieves an annual turnover of 11.4 billion euros, located in 34 countries with 23.769 employees, making it one of the six largest dairy companies in the world.

Robert KooloosGlobal Director Sales Excellence, FrieslandCampina Ingrediënts

"The Sales Funnel methodology helps us with change management"

FrieslandCampina Ingredients has the need to use value based selling as sales methodology to help them improving their margins. However, training in the past never sticked and has contributed insufficiently.

Robert is looking for an organisation that besides facilitation of a strong value based selling methodology, also helps to implement and sustain the new way of working. He is looking for an organisation that gives his managers specific tools to anchor the new methodology, tailored to local cultures and habits; an organisation that really helps with change management in the area of coaching, CRM, KPI setting and one way of working.



One way of selling, worldwide, that helps Friesland Campina ingredients to increase their margin. And this method must be anchored in all regions in a sustainable way so that everyone really applies it and achieves results.


The Sales Funnel methodology for account management and new business, by local consultants so that it is optimally adapted to regional culture and way of working. All managers are also extensively trained and guided in anchoring.


The Ingredients division outperformed the other divisions in H1 2020. FrieslandCampina Ingredients reported 3.6% revenue growth and 21.9% profit increase, whereas the total FrieslandCampina business faced stable revenue and profits decreasing by -37.2%..