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Graydon is a business information specialist in the field of financial information, marketing information, risk & compliance and debt collection. The company has extensive experience in offering business solutions to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

Simon NoyonsManager New Business Graydon Nederland

"During the past six months, we have seen a 40% increase in conversions. An incredibly good result."

Simon Noyons, Manager New Business Graydon Nederland, is responsible for sales within Graydon Nederland. He faced falling sales caused by a changing market and increased competition. An intensive training and coaching programme was set up in collaboration with Hovingh & Partners, specifically with our consultant, Pim Werkman. Employees at various levels in the organization received training and Simon's department was coached during implementation of the methods on the work floor. The result is clearly measurable. An advanced sales methodology has been embedded at Graydon, resulting in an amazing 40% increase in the conversion rate. Simon is extremely happy with these results and expects that the methods will deliver a permanent improvement.

"Pim is a positive and enthusiastic 'colleague', who is fully committed to our programme. He helps us when necessary, even if this means going slightly beyond the scope of our agreements. He offers professional guidance on how to apply this methodology in practice. I can thoroughly recommend both Pim and his colleagues."

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