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More testimonials & quotes

We train a lot of sales & negotiation reps and managers each year and we’re always pleased to hear the things our clients have to say about their experience with us.

Daniël Vonken | Group Marketing Director
“I am proud to say that we’ve achieved impressive results in gaining the trust of new customers. Our approach is greatly appreciated and we manage to hit just the right note. Achieving success together! My sincere thanks to the consultants at Hovingh & Partners.”

Des Bishop | Group Head of People Development​ 
“We see you as a partner in achieving stronger results. Which is why I’m taking the time to let you know we’ve had an exceptionally good year. My sincere thanks!”

Lucie Marinaro Jones | Client Relationship Manager
“Thanks to the torturous role play yesterday I achieved unprecedented results today. I’m convinced that this wouldn’t have been possible without your programme. For which I would like to express my sincere gratitude. Your methods really work!”


Guy Keymolen | Commercial Manager Gulf Coast
“Thanks to the Hovingh & Partners training programme we managed to close stronger contracts with both new and existing customers. We have seen significant growth and excellent profit from our investment.” 

Simon Noyons | Manager New Business 
“The result is clearly measurable. We have embedded an advanced sales methodology, resulting in an amazing 40% increase in the conversion rate. An incredibly good result."

Raymond van der Loos | Global Managing Director
“I have already seen an improvement in the hit ratio. Time is used more effectively and the sales teams have succeeded in attracting more new customers. The relationships with existing customers are being expanded, thereby generating more business in this area as well.”