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Nutriad has been a feed additives manufacturer for more than 50 years. The company offers a complete range of products in the fields of palatability and flavours, mycotoxin management and digestive efficiency.In addition to poultry and pigs, the company is also present in aquaculture, dairy products and cattle.

Erik VisserCEO

"We have shortened the salescycle and we are better prepared to really go to the core of what we can deliver for our customers"

Erik Visser was CEO of Nutriad until the company was acquired by Adisseo. He discovered that the focus in Nutriad was more on delivering scientific evidence about the product than about really researching what the customer needed and progressing to a contract. His people were not skilled enough to execute a thorough and effective salesproces, and also found it difficult to understand the personality of the customer fully.

A team of Hovingh & Partners consultants have trained more than 100 salespeople and managers globally in Sales Funnel and Management Coaching.

Nutriad's salespeople learned how to really understand buyer behaviour and how to adjust your own in order to come to effective meetings and a better proposal for their customers. They listen much better than before and when they present their solutions, it is more about value for the customer than talking about technical specifications.