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Joe PlumeriExecutive chairman

"This program helped us create a culture in the company of what this company is about"

Selecta had a challenge as they were not growing and in many countries not even profitable. Their owner KKR wanted the company to change drastically. The first step was appointing a new CEO, Joe Plumeri, who discovered that Selecta was not systematic in their sales approach. Sales teams were mostly presenting solutions, without really tapping in on the real needs of their clients.

Joe asked Hovingh & Partners for help in this major turn around. The project started with consultancy together with senior management team, which eventually led to coaching and training in change management with the objective to define a global best practice and become world class in selling.

A big part of the journey was about supporting the sales leadership in how to manage daily sales activities of their teams. Helping their sales people to plan and prepare their meetings, how to create rapport, identifying real critical business issues and connecting these to Selecta' solutions. Selecta wanted all of this to happen in a systematic way, applying and embedding one methodology for the entire organisation.

Eventually Hovingh & Partners has master-trained a group of commercial leaders to become internal trainers for the larger team in all the countries they operate, providing bespoke materials in different languages and customizing the sales methodology and training program to local culture and business needs.

It has been an intensive and inspiring project for all involved.



Market leader but with relatively small share and revenue growth very limited. CEO Joe Plumeri sought exponential growth.


Train-the-trainer programme for the 16 commercial directors and sales leaders across europe. sales & sales service community of 860 people.


19% revenue growth, EBITDA targets exceeded & very high enthusiasm in sales teams after programme start. The bond value for Selecta's KKR has tripled since the start of the programme..