Training courses are no more than a means to a specific end: getting results in real-life situations. So our programmes encompass both training courses and on-the-job coaching. If required, we focus intensively on implementation of the methods in your organization. And you see the results on the bottom line.

Coaching on the job, in groups and individually, helps your staff become accomplished at applying the methods they have learned in real-life situations. New habitual behaviour that gets you results. We always do this by focusing on what goes well and continually perfecting it further. In doing so, we apply the latest research results and techniques in the field of world class sales management, coaching and change management. 

In addition, we offer our support as consultants for specific sales negotiation processes. In these situations, we act as your partner during the entire process: from initially analysing the situation up to and including contract signature and fulfilment. This collaboration with you is based on absolute mutual trust. And a methodical, no-nonsense and sometimes painfully honest approach. With a higher probability of achieving the desired result as the outcome.

Our methods

We only use the world's best selling and negotiating methods. Our carefully chosen selection comprises ENS Negotiation & Influencing®, the Ray Leone Sales Funnel®, Winning Account Management Strategies® and Strategizing Large Deals®. Straightforward methods that get powerful results.

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Our solutions

Although we always tailor our programmes to suit individual customers, the summary below provides a global overview of our offer. Sometimes, they are highly intensive processes that require commitment and perseverance, but also deliver impressive results. On other occasions, they comprise short and highly effective training courses, master classes and targeted interventions.

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