Our methods

We only use the world's best selling and negotiating methods. Our carefully chosen selection comprises ENS Negotiation & Influencing®, the Ray Leone Sales Funnel®, Winning Account Management Strategies® and Strategizing Large Deals®. Straightforward methods that get powerful results.

We use our methods as the basis for our intensive programmes. One important characteristic of our methods is that they extend beyond individual skills: we work in a process-oriented manner. What steps exist, how are they implemented and how can we perfect them? This personal development process is not easy, but the result is overwhelming.

We work with highly effective sales principles and pay close attention to practising skills, coaching and improving daily sales and negotiating behaviour. We coach managers in the art of implementing effectively and forcefully: by personally applying the principles, coaching others and allocating resources intelligently. They also learn how to help team managers and account managers close specific deals and win accounts more successfully.

The methods are the building blocks for behavioural change: guidelines that inspire people to get more out of themselves, on a permanent basis. We use this focus on people and behaviour to take you and your staff on a journey that achieves concrete and significantly better sales and negotiation results. We help teams enjoy their work and inspire them to greater professionalism.

We focus strongly on results and consistently achieve our goals. With huge passion, enjoyment and energy, we assist you with practical implementation of the methods on the work floor. Read more on this topic under Implementation.

ENS Negotiating and Influencing

ENS focuses on successful negotiation. With its excellent balance between theory and practice, ENS supports customers in more than sixty countries in negotiations of all types: sales, purchasing, government agreements, contracts, mergers and demergers, union negotiations and conflict resolution.

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Ray Leone

Ray Leone is the be-all and end-all of successful selling. This godfather of the sales profession conceived the now-famous Sales Funnel®: a powerful sales programme that is taught and applied on five continents. We are proud of our appointment as the exclusive Sales Funnel® distribution partner in Europe.

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Vested Sourcing

In normal contracts, supplier and buyers have adverse interests. A common theme for our other methods Sales Funnel and ENS is that an effective cooperation strategy builds upon the needs of the other party. That’s what Vested does for sourcing relationships.

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