Blended Learning

Blended Learning

We consider local circumstances and requirements on learning, as the starting point for designing and rolling out the perfect solution. People also learn in different ways. The most effective learning experience these days is a combination between online and face to face, making use of group dynamics as well as individual studying and practicing.

We offer 5 different kind of learning methods:

  1. Classroom workshops
  2. Virtual training
  3. e-Learning
  4. Management coaching
  5. Personal coaching


We use all these methods as the basis for our intensive programmes. One important characteristic of our methods is that they extend beyond individual skills: we work in a process-oriented manner. What steps exist, how are they implemented and how can we perfect them? This personal development process is not easy, but the result is overwhelming.

The methods are the building blocks for behavioural change: guidelines that inspire people to get more out of themselves, on a permanent basis. We use this focus on people and behaviour to take you and your staff on a journey that achieves concrete and significantly better sales and negotiation results. We help teams enjoy their work and inspire them to greater professionalism.

Watch this video to hear how participants respond to Virtual Training


Our solutions

Although we always tailor our programmes to suit individual customers, the summary below provides a global overview of our offer. Sometimes, they are highly intensive processes that require commitment and perseverance, but also deliver impressive results. On other occasions, they comprise short and highly effective training courses, master classes and targeted interventions.

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Change management

Training is no more than a means to a specific end: Getting results in real-life situations. So our programmes include both training courses and on-the-job coaching. This program focuses intensively on implementation of the methods in your organization. This is how to get strong returns on training investments.

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