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ENS Negotiating and Influencing

ENS focuses on successful negotiation. With its excellent balance between theory and practice, ENS supports customers in more than sixty countries in negotiations of all types: sales, purchasing, government agreements, contracts, mergers and demergers, union negotiations and conflict resolution.

This method's robust and practical system appeals to us so much that we have selected it as the basis for our work. The structured ENS method can be easily adapted to suit a specific goal or a specific situation in any sector. We use it to teach your people how to conduct perfect negotiations: negotiations that often end up with winners on both sides.

The ENS method has existed since 1978. All the techniques that are used have been thoroughly tried and tested in practical situations. Insights based on lessons learned and new research have been incorporated continually in the method and have progressively improved its effectiveness. The concepts and principles of the ENS method are practised extensively during our training sessions, so that you learn how to apply the method in real-life situations. Furthermore, we adapt the material to suit your situation and needs.

We also help many customers to strategize, prepare, practice and conduct negotiations that are of key importance to them. On average, this input improves the results by 20%, with regular exceptions far above this level. In addition, we allow for the fact that negotiations often involve partners with whom a long-term relationship is envisaged and help find solutions that are favourable for both parties.

We use the ENS method as a platform for different training programmes. Read more on this topic under Solutions.