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Ray Leone

Ray Leone is the be-all and end-all of successful selling. This godfather of the sales profession conceived the now-famous Sales Funnel®: a powerful sales programme that is taught and applied on five continents. We are proud of our appointment as the exclusive Sales Funnel® distribution partner in Europe.

Ray Leone's method is a scientifically developed process that eliminates taking chances, people's feelings or intuition. It makes salespeople capable of selling extremely effectively at an advisory and conceptual level, challenging their customers when necessary and significantly improving sales hit rates. It is perhaps the only method in which process and skills are fully integrated. You learn how to effectively use interview and questioning techniques in order to reach your goal via clear process steps. Using this method in practice helps you improve the relationship with your customers in a predictable manner. An improvement that is reflected by both your closing rate and your sales turnover.

Our training programmes that are based on this method are always scheduled to last slightly longer. The extra time provides adequate opportunity for learning how to apply the method in practice and for perfecting techniques and tactics through coaching. So the method becomes second nature to the entire sales team, which firmly embeds it in the organization, and you see lasting results.