Change management

Change management

Training is no more than a means to a specific end: Getting results in real-life situations. So our programmes include both training courses and on-the-job coaching. This program focuses intensively on implementation of the methods in your organization. This is how to get strong returns on training investments.

Program name

Management coaching

Target group

Managers and coaches and those leading sales teams or play a senior coaching role


This program includes coaching activities and change management understanding and skills.

  • Meeting preparation - coaching on preparing for sales meetings
  • Field coaching - going together with coachees to customers
  • Rehearsals in the office
  • Sales pipeline coaching
  • Strategizing large deals
  • Strategizing key-account plans
  • Periodic evaluation meetings to develop and coach sales people
  • Weekly stand-up team updates


The McKinsey model for change is used to understand the 4 most important mechanisms:

We will learn managers to make things simple and implement the new sales methodolgy with small steps. Focusing on direct application in practice, rehearsing and applying the learnings as often as possible. Your management will understand how to 
“Automise’  key-behaviors to make it feel natural and enable 100% attention & focus on what your customer says and wants.


Expected outcome & results

Training + Coaching increases the level of your people by 88%, which is 4 times as much as training alone. Coaching on the job, in groups and individually, helps your staff become accomplished at applying the methods they have learned in real-life situations. New habitual behaviour that gets you results. We always do this by focusing on what goes well and continually perfecting it further. In doing so, we apply the latest research results and techniques in the field of world class sales management, coaching and change management.

Learnings for me and my team

  • Selling and applying the new methods by management in order to 'walk the talk'
  • Actieve en gestructureerde coaching
  • A better relationship between manager and seller with strong emphasis on learning
  • Embedding the new sales methodology in the heart and DNA of the organisation

Training approach

  • Personal
  • Interactive
  • Game or case
  • Action learning
  • Debate & discussion
  • Personal feedback
  • Voluntary assessment

Competencies learned

  • Perseverance
  • Influencing
  • Conversation skills
  • Coaching skills
  • Process management
  • Self-assurance
  • Impact
  • Courage
  • Leadership

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