Leadership of commercial teams requires different competences than are required elsewhere in the organization. Salespeople are one of a kind and sales results are more than ever decisive for the achievement of strategic goals. This requires a specific program.

Program name

Commercial Leadership

Target group

Commercial managers, sales managers and high potentials


There are two programs:

  • From sales rep to sales leader
  • High performing commercial leadership


From sales rep to sales leader

Research published in Harvard Business Review shows that a team's sales results drop by 7.5% right after a good salesperson is promoted to a new sales manager. The bottom line is that leading commercial teams really requires different skills than those of a top salesman.

Fortunately, you can learn good sales leadership, provided that the specific characteristics of a sales organization and the dynamics with customers are incorporated into a development process.

With a group of 10 participants who are in the first 3 years of their sales management role, this 10 day program is completed in 12 months. They will be guided by a diverse group of consultants with experience in behavioral change, organizational transformation, senior management and sales.

High performing commercial leadership

To achieve better sales results, working even harder and steering more firmly by sales leaders does not work. Reflection and adaptation to the situation, people and customers with whom we work is crucial, while they bear great responsibility for the results of the entire company.

This program is tailor-made to address specific leadership issues in a commercial environment:

  • Collaborate better within and between teams
  • Changing the sales culture
  • Remove blockages from the individual sales employee
  • Fighting fires proactively strategically instead of reactive
  • Inspiring and motivating your team members
  • Creating a high performance commercial team


Depending on the chosen themes, this program zooms in on personal leadership, remote leadership and change management. The sessions will be 1 on 1 coaching as well as mastermind sessions with commercial leaders from other companies.


Expected results

After completing the Commercial Leadership programs, improvements will become visible on numerous KPIs of your company:

  • Improve sales turnover and customer retention
  • Profitability and better average price
  • Quality of the relationships with your customers
  • Collaboration between sales and operations, finance, procurement and other disciplines in your organization
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Talent development


Learnings for me and my team

The purpose of these programs is to bring about sustainable behavioral change in the organization. We help leaders to sustainably implement the learned process, techniques and skills in the organization. Professionalism and Effectiveness! We can't really describe it much better.

Participants become role models for other team members and can effectively coach colleagues in achieving success. This will also profile themselves as natural candidates for the most senior positions.

It's a double edged sword: The company creates the leaders necessary for a successful future and the sales leader works towards an attractive career in a sustainable way.

Roos Huls leads the commercial leadership practice of Hovingh & Partners. She is a certified partner of Aberkyn, part of McKinsey & Company and has completed a specialization in behavioral change at Radboud University.

Aberkyn delivers leadership and organizational transformation programs and trains specialists to guide change.

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