Manage large deals

Manage large deals

A workshop about managing highly complex sales projects. You are familiarised with effective process steps and techniques for successfully bringing major opportunities to completion. We use your own case study (or studies) for the workshop.

Program name

Strategizing Large Deals®

Target group

Sales professionals, Account managers, Sales Leaders, Business Development Managers and colleagues involved in large deals.


  • How to develop and manage a winning deal strategy?
  • A highly pragmatic A4 to build a good strategy and action plan for any commercial meeting
  • An impactful team process to strategize deals and make action plans in 1 hour
  • Use of Fishbone poster & tool  to strategize effectively with small internal teams
  • Learn how to use the best set of deal strategy questions systematically: What are key issues, personal buying motives and critical business issues of my customers?
  • Who are involved in decision-making? Who plays what role and has what influence?
  • What is important to each person in the buyers grid?


Expected outcome & results

After the training you will feel more confident about taking the right steps towards managing and closing large deals. You will shorten your sales cycle and improve your closing rate on large deals where multiple people have influence on the decision to buy. Uncovered positions are unlocked and you have a roadmap towards closing the deal. Fewer deals will get stuck in ‘no-decision-land’.

Your next steps become clear and you are able to focus on what’s really important. You have been challenged on assumptions you made and are able to report back or seek team assistance on specific topics and actions. Right after the workshop you will be equipped with a tangible strategy and personal action plan on the deal(s) you bring to the workshop. You will get one A4 format to strategize large deals, and a one-pager to prepare for sales meetings. We will strategize, prepare and rehearse the most important next meeting that is part of every deal plan.

Learnings for me and my team

  • Better targeted and prepared meetings with better results
  • Common language and framework to effectively work together on large deals
  • Simple to use method to involve colleagues and unlock internal resources to help winning more deals in shorter time
  • No ‘unexpected surprises’ with closing deals and expensive missed assumptions and important information or decision influences


At the end of the session the team will have completed and ready to use deal plans for your most important deals in your pipeline. Every next step meeting that is part of these deal plans will be strategized, prepared and rehearsed in the session. You will be able to put strategy into action straightaway the day after the workshop!

Training approach

  • Personal
  • Interactive
  • Game or case
  • Action learning
  • Debate & discussion
  • Personal feedback

Competencies learned

  • Smart action planning
  • Focus on key elements
  • Turn around situations
  • Eliminate assumptions
  • From strategy to action

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