Personality assessment

Personality assessment

A training course in which you get to know yourself and others intimately. Learn how to read others and adapt your sales and communication approach in a practical manner to suit people with different personality styles.

Program name


Target group

Managers, teams and non-sales staff that want to deal with clients more effectively.


  • What is DISC?
  • What is my personal preferred communication style?
  • How do I recognise the preferred communication style of others?
  • How do I adapt my style to get a good connection whilst being myself?
  • How can I become more effective in life and professionally?


Expected outcome & results

Better teamwork via increased knowledge of self and others. Building a foundation for an effective Coaching Culture. DISC has proven to be very powerful in giving people a language to discuss and appreciate their differences. The DISC model helps people not only understand those differences, but value them. DISC provides with a language that lower barriers and makes it easier to communicate with people that have different personality styles than your own. Dynamics in communication and teams become self-explanatory and the self-recognition always makes this workshop funny and exciting. The experienced among us will say: I can communicate with almost everybody, but there are some with whom it’s more difficult. DISC provides with a framework, insights and skills on how that works.

This workshop is focussing heavily on the daily application of DISC. How do I adapt myself to other personality styles. What and how can I change my style, demeanour, questions, strategy, approach and proposals.  We will focus on real-plays and skill building and make it easy and tangible. People love to buy, and hate to be sold. How to better make them buy? How to make sure you communicate in a way that the other person likes, as opposed to the way you like it. Our focus on daily and practical application differentiates this course from many others.

Depending on the activities and roles of the team we can focus on the selling aspect, the service aspect, the management aspect or the team interaction aspect.

Learnings for me and my team

  • Improved effectiveness in dealing with different people and adapting my behaviour
  • Better team dynamics and interaction with colleagues
  • Appreciation of differences and using this in better communication

Training approach

  • Personal
  • Interactive
  • Game or case
  • Action learning
  • Debate & discussion
  • Buddy coaching
  • Personal feedback
  • Voluntary assessment

Competencies learned

  • Empathy
  • Tact
  • Respect
  • Self-assurance
  • Effectiveness
  • Perspective

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