Sales fundamentals

Sales fundamentals

An online course giving you an insight into the fundamentals of modern sales. E-Funnel goes beyond solution selling. You will learn to assess your own and the buyer's personality and use this to make researching customer needs and buying behaviour more effectively.

Program name


Target group

Sales Teams, Directors, Front line Sales Managers, New Business and Account Managers, and all staff with frequent commercial conversations.


  • DISC personality assessment and practical application in sales situations
  • Research Phase where you ascertain the business and personal needs

Expected outcome & results

E-Funnel lays a foundation for the Sales Funnel program. Better than reading material, e-learning is interactive and easy to digest.

It  will result in your sales people knowing whom you are selling to, what buying criteria are important to them and gaining access to those people who have influence on the buying decision. The program will be enable them and your company to be more effective, in preparing, presenting and negotiating deals.

Your people will be better prepared for the Sales Funnel program afterwards, enabling them to benefit more from classroom sessions and role play.

Learnings for me and my team

  • Foundation
  • Understanding your own ability to read your client's DISC profile
  • Know how to adjust communication style and sales strategy to effectively sell to people who are different from you
  • Creating trust and credibility 
  • Taking charge of the conversation in a smooth manner
  • Creating trust: mirroring, connecting to DISC profile, showing genuine interest and resonating statement
  • Introduction of your organisatie with impact: front talk
  • Getting to know the Critical Business Issues of your customer, challenging and creating potential pain
  • Power questions to find out what is really important to the other person, his obstacles, his current idea of a solution and knowing where you can add the most value
  • Challenger questions & discovering potential pain
  • Solution criteria and the main personal reason for buying
  • Use of the WITY tool - What Is important To You - to know exactly what criteria your solution must meet in order to get a yes from your customer
  • Find out the business and personal reasons for buying
  • Preventing mistakes
  • Proactively bringing unspoken objections to the table and discussing them
  • Finding out who has what kind of influence on the buying decision and who will be among the most important decision-makers


Training approach

  • Interactive
  • e-Learning
  • Voluntary assessment

Competencies learned

  • Conversation skills
  • Self-assurance
  • Commercial understanding

During Covid-19 this course includes 2 hours of free virtual coaching

Selecting a training is all about getting to know the trainer personally

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