Sales Leaders Round Table (online)

Sales Leaders Round Table (online)

Would you like to learn from other Sales Leaders? We organize a series of virtual round table discussions in which the questions, experiences and new initiatives of sales leaders are at centre stage. In this way we learn from each other at an accelerated pace. We facilitate these conversations as process manager and bring people from our network together, who we believe have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge or business

These are tough, but also interesting times. Normal rules no longer apply. We see an extremely wide range of sales responses and initiatives. We see some sales teams and companies getting very creative and doing fantastic things. We are sure that if we bring sales leaders and commercial directors together, everyone can get a lot out of it. We will facilitate this in the context of stronger together in crisis & opportunities.

We will make sales leader master mind groups of 9 to 12 people each. After consultation we determine the times and frequency. Short & sweet because everyone spends enough time behind the screen already. We also create WhatsApp groups so that we can quickly communicate with each other. When the group needs it, we bring specific expertise to the table.

If you would like certain people, contacts or sectors to participate in your group, please let us know.



Our goal is to get through this crisis stronger together with our partners. So always feel free to contact us if we can do something else for you!


Stronger Together in Crisis & Opportunities

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