Strategic partnership

Strategic partnership

In normal contracts, supplier and buyers have adverse interests. A common theme for our other methods Sales Funnel and ENS is that an effective cooperation strategy builds upon the needs of the other party. That’s what Vested Deal Architecture does for sourcing relationships.

Program name

Vested Deal Architecture

Target group

Any person involved in building relationships between supplier and customer (typically sales/ account management/ sourcing teams, but also support functions like commercial finance, legal, operations and buyers. 


Vested Deal Architecture focuses on the creation of a mutual symbiotic ‘deal’ where all parties win. It allows strategic partnerships to move into the same direction irrespective of the economic circumstances. Backed up by Nobel Price research, it is used by large multinational corporations as well as government agencies. 

Hovingh & Partners coaches and advises companies and suppliers in the implementation of Vested Sourcing. PWC and ISS are examples of companies we advice. We do this in close cooperation with the Dutch Vested Center of Excellence and always and it always happens with the quality guarantees of the Vested Ecosystem.

Vested is based on award-winning research conducted from 2003 by the University of Tennessee. The UT researchers studied some of the world’s most successful business relationships – relationships based on true collaboration that achieved amazing – sometimes even thought of as impossible – results.  While each of these highly successful relationships were all unique –  they all had a distinct mindset that promoted purposeful collaboration with the strategic intent to innovate, create value, and mutually reward success. Researcher called this a “What’s In It For We” (WIIFWe) mindset.

Globally, companies such as P&G, Microsoft, McDonald’s and Dell are using a Vested sourcing business model and achieving “transformational” benefits. In the Netherlands, DHL, Accenture, PWC and ISS are using Vested Sourcing for their strategic partnerships.

Expected outcome & results

The Vested methodology leverages five key success factors (rules) – that when properly applied – have the power to drive transformational results.  Together these factors create a hybrid business model that combines outcome-based, shared-value and relational economics principles.  In a Vested environment, business partners seek to develop a common solution and a common bond based on mutual advantage to achieve Desired Outcomes.

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