The Salestraineeship

The Salestraineeship

The Salestraineeship connects young sales talent with the business world. Through continuous guidance and training, we take their sales performance during the traineeship to a higher level with methodologies, processes and skills that are currently demanded.

Our 3 step approach

  • We search and find candidates with the right drive and commercial talent
  • Young sales talents are seconded for a period of one year
  • Our sales traineeship trains them to become fully-fledged and successful sales professionals


The program

Training sales professionals is a profession in itself. Not only because they are 'a special kind', but also because the sales profession is constantly evolving. Due to all the social media and the internet, there are many opportunities to build a network of potential customers, but a lot has also changed with regard to the role of sales professionals. We take these developments as the starting point for training a new generation of sales professionals.

In addition to the basic principles of successful selling (conversation techniques, account management, negotiation), social selling, self-insight and non-verbal communication are also discussed. Guest lectures are given by experts in all kinds of fields (such as purchasing), but also by the directors who themselves have trainees in this program. As a manager or director, you will therefore be closely involved in the development of the trainees. By doing this, we include relevant market issues into the program, enabling the trainee to apply the learnings immediately.

This extensive and relevant program establishes the connection with the daily practice of the sales professional, and ensures faster development with the right guidance. This allows junior sales professionals to achieve their targets faster. This has a motivating effect and produces faster results. Every month, they provide feedback to their sales manager about their development process as part of their independence. After 12 months, we finish with an exam assignment and a Sales & Account Management certificate.


Expected results

  • Connects young sales professionals to the organization
  • Provides new insights and energy in the team
  • Increases the productivity of new hires
  • Timesaving for managers
  • Contributes to commercial results
  • Helps to develop the organization and to create a pool of future managers

Why joining as an employer?

  • Top talent is difficult to attract, but they like to be among other other high potentials
  • Trainees will learn faster with peers, and learn more when their team mates operate in different markets
  • Top trainers and coaches will challenge the individual and stretch the learning of the group

Why joining as a trainee?

  • Be among like-minded people who are eager to develop and competitive
  • Learn from top trainers and coaches
  • A comprehensive and challenging program will increase your chances for sales success and a rewarding careerpath

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