Virtual Selling (online training)

Virtual Selling (online training)

How will I make sure that after the first ‘How are you?’ I return to relevant conversations with my customers? How will I get deals out of ‘no-decision’ land? How do I prevent that pressure on results will lead to ‘product push’ at the expense of long-term customer relationships? To use the opportunities and avoid traps, we developed this virtual selling course.

Program name

Virtual Selling

Target group

For everyone whom good selling and account management is important to at this moment and who would like to get the most out of it. In a way that fits the current circumstances. Sales Teams, Directors, Sales Managers, New Business and Account Managers.


We work with the strongest selling- and influencing concepts and techniques which can be used immediately in your own sales and account management conversations. We give you the tools to work with sales situations that you as a participant are dealing with and we will coach you so you can achieve the upmost results.

  • Which sales challenges have participants at this moment
  • The most import Key Selling instruments in the new Now
  • Increased importance of intention and rapport
  • How do I get the conversations from ‘how are you’ to business
  • Steps – Targets – Techniques which work in a ZOOM/Teams/Skype setting
  • Tactic Power Questions: How will I find out what the most important issues and needs are
  • Covid Call Planning, which conversations with which targets do I schedule coming weeks to help my most important opportunities moving ahead
  • Prepare my own Sales talk with the popular ‘meeting prep’ on 1 A4
  • Develop the solutions together: why and how
  • Decide the best price together: why and how
  • Selling and presenting your own solution via your virtual platform


Expected outcome & results

You will achieve better results from your digital sales conversations, because you will be enabled to:

  • Prepare and manage your call planning and conversations effectively
  • Applying useful tactics and skills
  • Dealing with the specifics of an online sales conversation when you are not in the same physical space
  • Make real contact with the other party and get their targets and needs clear to determine your strategy based on that
  • Consciously use the power of shared: developing, pricing and decisions together
  • Achieve every contact out of a very well preparation with the effective ‘meeting prep’ on 1 A4


Learnings for me

You will feel more comfortable with digital selling and account management conversations. You will enter virtual conversations with more self confidence as you are being better prepared and as you have thought which approach to use, the steps in the process, your communication style, your questions, tactics and what can you do together to achieve the short- and long-term results that are now the most desirable and achievable.

Training approach

  • Online and yet personal
  • Maximum 10 participants
  • Highly interactive
  • Practical tips & tricks
  • Practicing real cases
  • Break-out rooms
  • Coaching from experts
  • Using experience of the group

Competencies learned

  • Building real online rapport
  • Creating a common basis
  • Finding needs
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Improving conversion ratios
  • Sales tactics for the new Now
  • Getting short- and long-term results
  • Effectiveness through virtual media


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€ 750 per person, for 3 sessions of 3-4 hours on consecutive days, including digital workbook and access to the video recordings (excl. VAT)





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