Working together with Hovingh & Partners shall be a learning journey. Our consultants are not just process & skill trainers; they are proud to apply their experience and knowledge to help you achieving better sales and negotiation results - and sustaining them for the long term!

When you meet us for the first time, you will notice that we practice what we preach. Together we will identify what you really would like to achieve and what is hindering you most. We will benchmark your organisation with the behaviours of winning teams. Challenge your current thinking. We aim to provide new insights.

Afterwards you will think: This is exactly what I want my people to do when they speak with customers or suppliers!

Designing a tailormade program for your team is something we do together. Obviously we build on a rich history of previous succesful change programs. We provide recommendations on how to address your critical business issues. But at the end of the day, the solution shall fit to your company culture, the business strategy and your typical sales- and negotiation situations.

Involvement of the leadership team is crucial at this stage; to finetune the content of the program and to create ownership for making the change happen!

Creating engagement of the team is an art in itself. Our programs are entertaining; blending online sessions, in class workshops, video and e-learning to a mix that makes participation feeling like a reward. The evaluation scores of our participants belong to the highest in the industry.

Short learning cycles, working with real industry specific sales and negotiation situations, with lots of opportunities to practice new skills and techniques in role play and video recordings. Practicing new behaviours in a safe environment is what gives people most confidence and mastery of sales- and negotiation skills!

Applying a world class sales or negotiation methodology and changing behaviour together with the leadership team, coaching their people in the field and preparing their key meetings together, is the recipe to process & skill mastery. That is why Hovingh & Partners promises to improve your key performance indicators.

We are proud to help you improving your sales and negotiation results!



ENS Negotiation & Influencing®

A program in which you are taught how to achieve better negotiation results in an inspiring manner. We deploy a practical and effective method that focuses on negotiating and influencing. The model is so flexible that it can be applied in practically any situation.

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Ray Leone's Sales Funnel®

An intensive program in which you learn the ins and outs of Ray Leone's unmatched sales method and how to apply it. With specific attention to implementation, management coaching and techniques and skills to make you more successful.

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Training is no more than a means to a specific end: Getting results in real-life situations. So our programmes include both training courses and on-the-job coaching. This program focuses intensively on implementation of the methods in your organization. This is how to get strong returns on training investments.

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