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Updates and Blog

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Here's How To Handle Supply Chain Disruption

Below, 10 Forbes Business Development Council members discuss various ways that leaders can help their business remain competitive, self-sustaining and keep clo.. Read more

40% of participants in our sales programs make career steps to lead teams in the period after the training

We have always believed that training and coaching of people helps improve their results. I don't think many people would argue with this. Read more

Research confirms financial benefits of sales training and coaching

Sales and kpi's have not been the happiest couple over the years. Whilst successful salespeople thrive on results and ranking tables, it has always been di.. Read more

Watch this 18 minutes webinar on Virtual Selling

Do you recognize the need for upgrading the sales process and techniques of your team? Selling behind a camera is just different from face to face, but if you l.. Read more

Change is for others, right?

Leading by example, and thereby influencing the (unconscious) adoption of behaviour is a better driving force for change than a stirring speech by an inspired s.. Read more

Sales Performance = Quality + Consistency

How credible is the change you wish to bring about if you can apparently simply dismiss it for short-term results? Consistency is key. But so is the time and at.. Read more

Crazy Sales: Keeping doing the same thing, but expecting different results...

Why change always evokes resistance and what you can do about it. Humans are creatures of habit that look for role models! Read more

The verve is gone: Are you going to renew or change your team?

Falling short on sales targets again? Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! Read more

Sales & CRM: Where things go wrong and how it should be done

This blog offers the four reasons why your CRM will not ensure an improved sales process. And how you can achieve it instead! Read more

The Permanently Effective Sales Organisation: idea or fixation?

Sales training alone is not enough! Read more

The impact of Covid-19 on sales

"You can't change the market but you can change your skillset" is a pragmatic quote from one of the business leaders that CSO Insights has interv.. Read more

How do smart sales leaders deal with the Covid-19 era?

How does the crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus affect the way salespeople work? And how do you come out of these times stronger? We asked more than a hundred.. Read more

How can it be good news that almost all salespeople are at home these days?

Corona is terrible for our society. It is also a very special situation for commercial directors and sales professionals: you are sitting at home with your enti.. Read more

Rehearse for Negotiation Success

In sports, the more results-oriented the participants the higher the ratio of time spent in practice and rehearsal. Few would consider walking on to the playing.. Read more

Benchmark your sales & marketing effectiveness in 1 minute! ...(scroll down)

Converting sales opportunities into deals is the number 1 task of a salesman. Wouldn't you be curious to see how the performance of your own sales & ma.. Read more

What on earth is 'Rapport'

Pretty much every sales expert will tell you how important it is to build 'rapport' with your prospects. Along with that, they will offer you various.. Read more

Learn to love a tender

Lots of stuff is written about how to manage a public or private tender process effectively. But let´s name the elephant in the room: Sales people don.. Read more

NATO: How Europe could close a deal with Trump

In 2014 European NATO members agreed to an increase of their defense spending to 2% of GNP by 2024. This Obama-led deal increased spending so far with $46 billi.. Read more

The European Commission is the winner of Brexit Phase 1

The second phase of Brexit negotiations is about to start. I thought it was perhaps a good moment to reflect on the negotiation process applied in Phase 1. Will.. Read more

What can we learn from USA and North Korea current negotiations??

The question is sometimes asked by my negotiation consulting clients â?? what is the prospect of a war between the USA and North Korea? Read more

As you grow the cake everyone wins - with Vested® Sourcing

The prospect of a few beautiful summer months is still very attractive. I consider the period following a bit less attractive... Read more