The impact of Covid-19 on sales

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22 mei 2020

The impact of Covid-19 on sales

"You can't change the market but you can change your skillset" is a pragmatic quote from one of the business leaders that CSO Insights has interviewed recently. Their research covered 100 companies from different industries and various geographies in the world. We have translated this into useful advice on how to prepare best for virtual selling.

Key facts from the research:

  • 76% of all businesses suffer from lost opportunities in their sales pipelines or postponement of decisions
  • 4 out of 5 companies expect to sell at least 25% below target this year
  • 33% has adjusted their salesmodel and 64% is meeting their customers virtually these days
  • The vast majority sees changing their routines (a.o. salestechniques) as the biggest challenge in transitioning to virtual selling

Is your company in the same boat but you have not found out yet how to prepare yourself? Learn from other business leaders and read our whitepaper.

Download Impact of Covid-19 on Sales Whitepaper